Wednesday, August 23, 2006

3G video

Offered by: 3 UK

Product: 3G video: : Choose your holiday turkey via mobile video

Introduced: December 2005

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

Pick out the perfect turkey for your holiday dinner with the help of your 3G handset! Indeed, 3 UK has teamed up with a turkey farmer to allow customers to choose the star of their holiday dinner via their video mobiles. The new service enables 3's customers to dial into live video cameras stationed at Kelly's Farm in Essex to watch individually named turkeys roaming freely in a special 3G pen. Users can switch between cameras to get the best view of the birds before deciding which one they would like to have. The service then provides the option to receive information via SMS on how to place a direct order with the farmer.

I guess we may want to see the sight of "kambing" before it becomes "sop kaki kambing" on the dinner table he he...

Quickphone: Handset vending machines

Offered by: Vodafone, UK

Product: Quickphone: Handset vending machines

Introduced: October 2005

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

Thirsty for a about a mobile handset instead? Vodafone is exploring the possibility of selling mobile products from vending machines. Two machines have already been put into use in Manchester and the company is using the trial to gain experience for a potential national rollout of the machines. Customers can choose from a selection of three mobile handsets and a SIM pack for a combined starting price of GBP 30 (the SIM pack can be purchased separately for GBP 5). The self-service machines are called "Quickphone" kiosks. The payment system is based upon chip and PIN applications (credit or debit card with PIN authentication).

subsidized?? this may not be a good idea for developing countries where such vending machines idea rarely can be implemented

My SMS™ personalization system

Offered by: Batelco/Openmind

Product: My SMS™ personalization system

Introduced: 2006

Seen in Country: Bahrain

What is it:

Managing SMS services in Bahrain. Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) has deployed Openmind Networks's SMS personalization system, called My SMS™. My SMS™ enables Batelco to introduce innovative SMS solutions to its customers by giving them the power to manage their own SMS services. The subscriber is offered a suite of value-added SMS services and they can set up their own services via a mobile operator portal, SMS short code, or WAP. Services include, e.g., SMS autoreplying and group communication features

The personalisation of messaging services offers a new approach to increasing ARPU by putting the power of managing the specifics of services into the subscriber's hands. The subscriber is offered a suite of value added SMS services and they can set up their own services via a mobile operator portal, SMS short code or WAP. In January, Batelco introduced SMS+ GROUPS, SMS+ AUTOREPLY and, on 5 February, launched an additional three new services SMS+ Filter, SMS CUG, SMS+ Online.

Clever way of capitalizing on sms applications!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wireless Digital Library

Offered by: KTF

Product: Wireless Digital Library

Introduced: January 2004

Seen in Country: Korea

What is it:

WDL offers access to library books and ID service for students in over 50 Korean universities. KTF entered into a consortium with the KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) to build this wireless digital library.

Our library system needs to be upgraded before even thinking about digital services such as this


Offered by: SingTel

Product: CitySIM

Introduced: January 2004

Seen in Country: Singapore

What is it:

Location-based service targeted to Singapore tourists. Using a prepaid SIM card purchased upon arrival, Gemplus technology and Landmat (a mobile application provider) a visitor can get real-time location-based tourist information as well as share experiences with other CitySIM users in Singapore. Information tips include locations of restaurants, banks, nightlife attractions and more.


82ask information services

Offered by: Re5ult Ltd

Product: 82ask information services

Introduced: 2004

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

Need a quick answer to a burning question? 82ask allows mobile users on all six UK networks to send any question to 82275 (i.e., 82ask) on their phone keypad and receive answers back to their mobile in minutes. 82ask requires no new technology, works seamlessly on all handsets, and enables everyone to access any information at all times. 82ask uses trained experts who interpret ambiguous questions and filter the results to provide the necessary information - unlike traditional search facilities, it focuses only on highly relevant answers. 82ASK service was nominated for the 'Best Mobile Messaging Service' at the 2005 GSM Association Award.

This could be useful, anyone wants to try?

Mobile traffic service

Offered by: Vodafone Italy

Product: Mobile traffic service

Introduced: June 2005

Seen in Country: Italy

What is it:

Italian traffic snarls making you crazy? A mobile tool can help you avoid summer traffic jams in Italy. Vodafone Italy and Italy's number one car magazine Quattroruote have teamed up to develop a mobile traffic service. Vodafone customers can easily view pictures from traffic cameras directly on their mobile phones in order to get an idea of how much traffic is on the various roads. Customers can use Vodafone live! to access information on traffic conditions on Italy's entire motorway network (ring roads included) by directly checking the pictures provided by Quattroruote's cameras, which are placed along major motorways and ring roads around Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, and Bergamo. The pictures are accompanied by information on where the cameras are located and the time the update was filmed.

I think some operators here already providing the service, though I don't think they are popular.

Background sound insertion services

Offered by: Phonebites

Product: Background sound insertion services

Introduced: 2005

Seen in Country: USA

What is it:

Have you ever wished that you could hide your location when talking on the phone? New services allow users to disguise the background sounds of their calling locations. The American company Phonebites has introduced a patent-pending RAZZ™ technology – a mobile software application that allows consumers to inject sound clips into their live conversations and voicemails. Inserted sounds could include the sounds of street noise, traffic jam, building site, garden, airport, etc., giving the impression that you really are located where the background sound is normally heard. Software can also be used to personalize the conversations and messages, and make them more entertaining by choosing a relevant sound to spice up the conversation.

This is cool, let's bring them here and soon...

Video Voice Mail

Offered by: Openwave/TMN

Product: Video Voice Mail

Introduced: September 2004

Seen in Country: Portugal

What is it:

Personal Video Voicemail greetings are now available for 3G users. Openwave's Video Voicemail solution is helping operators boost 3G adoption. Instead of simply using an outgoing voice message, callers can personalize their phones with a custom greeting of a video clip of themselves or use animated or celebrity greetings. The greetings can be customized for different recipients, e.g., a spouse, work supervisor, or friend. TMN, Portugal's largest mobile operator, is using Openwave's solution for its video portal and has integrated voice and video voicemail services for its 3G subscribers.

Imagine your loved one "calling" you with full video...

Mobile Deskphone

Offered by: OnRelay / Nokia

Product: MBX Mobile Deskphone

Introduced: June 2005

Seen in Country: Global

What is it:

Fixed-mobile convergence is becoming a reality! OnRelay, the UK-based fixed mobile convergence provider, and Nokia have joined forces to bring to market MBX, the first generic software solution that fully integrates a corporate voice system (PBX) and all its surrounding business support systems with employees' 3G/GSM smartphones. It integrates with mobile devices based on open systems such as the Nokia Series 60. It works over virtually any mobile network in any country, is fully functional when roaming, and integrates into both IP and TDM PBXs from leading vendors such as Nortel, Cisco, Avaya and Siemens. MBX adds a second phone, the office phone, to the (personal) mobile phone, allowing corporate users to place and receive calls from both their mobile number and their corporate office number using a single integrated mobile device - they can choose at any time which network to use. With MBX, both outgoing and incoming business calls look to the party being called - and to internal IT systems - as having been placed/received on the actual desk phone. MBX also enables separate management and billing of personal and business calls, whereby for instance flexible workers can turn 'off' their office phone, while leaving the personal mobile phone turned on. Importantly for the end-user, all of this is easily managed on the mobile phone user interface itself and there is no need to configure the service from a PC.

In short: mobile PBX

Voicemail to Text service

Offered by: SpinVox

Product: Voicemail to Text service

Introduced: October 2004

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

Ever wanted to convert voicemails into text? Here's how to get rid of the need for pen and paper! SpinVox voicemail to text service converts voicemail messages into text messages or emails using proprietary technology. Users' voicemails are delivered directly to their mobile phone via an integrated push technology platform. Busy professionals are frequently away from their desks and they receive a lot of voicemails. People would typically walk out of a meeting, turn their phones on, and be inundated with a large number of voicemail notifications. Users then go through the laborious task of listening to each message and become frustrated because they have to replay and listen to the messages several times just to get important details. Because voicemail controls are complex this can be very irritating and time-consuming. SpinVox eliminates the need to dial in for messages, deal with the various prompts, and fumble for pen and paper to write down key information. In one push, SpinVox converts your voicemail messages into text messages and delivers them directly to your handset.

For those who are not comfortable typing the tiny keypad of our mobile phone

Dog Mind Reader

Offered by: KTF / InfraValley

Product: Dog Mind Reader

Introduced: May 2005

Seen in Country: Korea

What is it:

Ever wondered what your dog had to say? A unique service that analyzes the sound of a dog’s bark and translates it into human sounds is offered to KTF customers in Korea. This new service lets dog-owners know how their dog is feeling from their barking and can also communicate messages from owners to their dog as barks. The pet translator offers its service in both ways, dog to man and man to dog! The “Pet Emotion Analyzer,” which uses the phone to analyze the dog’s bark to determine emotion in real-time, updates the owner with the results by text message. The “Owner Emotion Analyzer” translates messages from the owner to the dog using the barking sound of the relevant species. The service uses a database of dog sounds built by Index, a Japanese mobile contents company, and was optimized by Infra Valley to be compatible with the Korean mobile environment, thus creating a two-way service for mobile. This service is based on the barking sounds of 55 of the world’s most popular types of dogs. It divides everyday canine emotions into six categories, i.e., enjoyment, sadness, happiness, dissatisfaction, fear, and individual expression. These emotions are conveyed via text message to the dog owner. For example, if a dog is expressing, “This is annoying,” “I’m leaving if I can’t see you,” or “I love you,” this will be interpreted and shown on the screen of the owner’s mobile phone. On opening the Pet Emotion Analyzer, enter the dog’s name, species, age, gender, and any other details. Once done, the owner just needs to record the dog’s sounds using ARS on a mobile. After recording for 10 seconds and sending it off to the service center, the results will arrive via text.

I wonder if somebody think of cat mind reader, meowwwwww

StealthText: Self-destructing SMS

Offered by: Staellium UK

Product: Self Destructing SMS

Introduced: December 2005

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

Old text messages coming back repeatedly to haunt you? The solution to this problem has been launched by Staellium UK - text messages that "self-destruct" after they have been read. The company's StealthText service allows, for example, business executives dealing in sensitive information to send texts that will delete themselves from the recipient's mobile phone as soon as the person has read them. Once a message has been sent, the recipient receives a text notification showing the sender's name along with a link to the message. Once opened, the message will disappear after about 40 seconds. The service is currently available for users of UK SIM cards only, but Staellium is considering international expansion in 2006.

Gee...isn't this tempting for criminal to act?, but nevertheless this can be fun to have

Mobile Video Dating

Offered by: YooMedia and 3

Product: Mobile Video Dating

Introduced: August 2005

Seen in Country: UK

What is it:

First there was Internet there is mobile dating! YooMedia plc has launched the UK’s first mobile phone video dating service in association with "3". The Dateline 3G service enables mobile subscribers to find a prospective partner using the power of video on their mobile handsets. The application allows mobile users to create a sign-up, create a profile (including a video message), and to review prospective partners through a simple user interface on their phones. The service is designed to fit the particular operability of mobile phones by providing very simple navigation, timely updates, and content packaged in small clips.

Even dating is going 3G, what about you.....

TapuzMobile BlogTV

Blog TV

Offered by: TapuzMobile / Orange Israel

Product: Blog TV

Introduced: 2005

Seen in Country: Israel

What is it:

The BLOGTV enables everybody who has a web cam or a 3G phone to create a live TV show and broadcast it on the web and on the mobile. The broadcaster and the viewers can also interact with each other on line. People with 3G phones can choose which live show they want to watch (they have a choice of 5 live video channels of BLOGTV shows). The BLOGTV channels offer reality shows created by real people 24/7. In order to watch BLOGTV channels you enter the BLOGTV WAP site (from the Operators main portal), where you see live snap shots from the shows that are currently running and a deion of each show (with information about the broadcaster, the show and the number of viewers at the moment). After you choose which show you want to watch, you get a live streaming video of the show with a scroll of the text chat interaction underneath. The BLOGTV offers 24/7 interesting, genuine, live content, Created by real people! Some of them do daily shows about life, some of them sing or dance, some just talk with people or do funny sketches, some do animation etc’.

This application was the winner of the 3GSM 2006 Congress award "Best Made for Mobile Video" service.

3G is coming to town, anybody interested in blogging?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mixipix Cartoon Messaging

Offered by: Mixipix / O2

Product: Cartoon Messaging

Introduced: November 2004

Availability: United Kingdom

What is it:

Want to send creative, personalized messages?

mixipix has built a unique technology which enables animated cartoons to be selected, customized, and delivered to any color, WAP-enabled mobile phone.

The cartoon content is seamlessly formatted to ensure it is optimized for any receiving device which removes the need to match handsets to compatible content. mixipix has used this technology to create a cartoon messaging portal where consumers can choose from hundreds of animations, and then personalize it by add their own text message.

They can then send it to someone else's mobile. The recipient, in turn, can save the animated cartoon and use it to personalize his/her phone – as a wallpaper, screensaver, or caller ID alert. The mixipix service also allows users to customize and create their own cartoons, providing an entirely new level of interactivity and creativity within the mobile market.

In November 2004, the 'O2-mixipix Cartoon Messaging Service' was launched as part of o2's funzone.

Indonesian Cartoon would be a plus for whichever operator want to introduce this service.

Impulse SMS to Screen

Offered by: Neo One

Product: Impulse SMS to Screen

Introduced: 2003

Availability: United Kingdom

What is it:

Impulse is an interactive entertainment platform for nightclubs and venues. It enables club goers to instantly interact with each other, the DJ and staff by sending text messages from their mobile phones to screens in the club.

Those that want to can Instantly interact with other clubgoers (also with the DJ, and staff) by sending mobile phone text messages to club video screens. With Impulse, night owls can chat, flirt, cast votes, and participate in interactive, in-venue activities.

Any one interested offering this service?

Mozzytones TeenBuzz

Offered by: Mozzytones

Product: Teen Buzz

Introduced: May 2006

Availability: in 26 countries, from Australia to UK and USA

What is it:

The older you get, the less you hear. Ringtone company Mozzytones and others have worked with this biological fact to create TeenBuzz, a ringtone that only teenagers can hear. Originally invented as a device to drive unwanted teenagers away from property, the sound has now become popular with kids from all over the world. Since the high frequencies between 18 and 20 kHz are the first to fade from your hearing, a ringtone in this range can only be heard by those below 20 years of age...very helpful at school, of course.

So far it only works with the following handsets:
Alcatel One Touch 535 One Touch 756 OneTouch 565
BenQ-Siemens E61 S88 Z2
Hua Wei U526 U626
LG 8210 8500 C2500 C3400 F1200 KG800 L1100 M4410 M6100 MM535 P7200 S5200 U8180 U880 VI125 VX8100 VX9800 Lobster 485
Motorola A1000 A630 A768 A780 A835 A925 C380 C385 C390 C650 C975 E1 E1000 E1070 E398 E550 E680 E680i E770v E790 L2 L6 L7 Pebl U6 RAZR V3x T720 T720i V1050 V180 V188 V190 V220 V3 V300 V360 V3i V3x V400 V500 V505 V525 V525M V535 V545 V550 V551 V560 V600 V620 V635 V80 V975 V980
Nokia 3155i 3200 3220 3230 3250 3300 3330 3600 3650 3660 5140 5140i 6020 6021 6060 6101 6102 6103 6111 6125 6131 6155 6170 6220 6230 6230i 6233 6234 6255 6260 6265 6265i 6270 6280 6282 6600 6620 6630 6670 6680 6681 6682 6820 7200 7260 7270 7280 7360 7370 7380 7600 7610 7650 7700 7710 8800 9300 9300i 9500 E61 E70 N-Gage N-Gage QD N70 N80 N90 N91 O2 X2 X4
Orange SPV SPV C500 SPV M1000
Panasonic EB-X800 G60 VS2 VS3 VS6 VS7 X300 X400 X500 X60 X70 X700
Sagem my401X myC-3B myC4-2 MyX-2 myX-5 myX-7 myX-8 myX6-2
Samsung A940 C100 C200 D410 D500 D520 D600 D600E D800 D820 E330 E340 E350 E350E E360 E400 E530 E530C E600 E610 E630 E640 E700 E708 E710 E720 E720C E730 E736 E760 E770 E800 E808 E810 E820 E850 E870 E900 i300 I700 P207 P300 P400 P510 P850 S100 S300 T100 T309 T809 V200 X100 X120 X140 X300 X430 X450 X495 X497 X600 X610 X660 X700 Z105 Z107 Z110 Z130 Z140 Z300 Z400 Z500 Z510 Z540 Z560 ZV10 Sanyo MM-7500
Sendo M570 S360 S600
Sharp 550SH 770SH GX15 GX20 GX25 GX30 TM100 TM200
Siemens C65 CF75 CX65 CX75 M65 M75 S55 S65 SK65 SL75 ST60 SX1
Sony Ericsson D750i F500i J300i k300i K500i K510i K600 K600i K608i K610i K700i K750i K800i P800 P900 P910i S700i S710a T230 T610 T628 T630 V600i V800 W300i W550i W600i W700i W800 W800i W810i W900i Z1010 Z300i Z500 Z520i Z530i Z600 Z800 Z800i Toshiba 803

Payment system: PayPal

Interesting services targetted for the younger segment, which Indonesian operator will try something like this?